Invisible Poet Kings perform at the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT – A workshop and Festival for Independents in all aspects of the entertainment business. August 2019. Showcase event

"UUU Yeah Yeah U" – From Invisible Poet Kings founding member Barry Keenan’s solo album, CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF and on the Invisible Poet Kings album, UN-HIT WONDER. - Music video

"If/Everything’s Going To Be Fine" – From the Invisible Poet Kings album, UN-HIT WONDER.  - Music video

"Fight For Love"  -  a featured performance song from Jean Claude Van Damme's classic movie, "Kickboxer," was written by Barry Keenan.  Barry and his band, Invisible Poet Kings, perform their version of this tune.

Barry Keenan – Evolution – A look at earlier times and the development of Invisible Poet Kings with vintage footage and interviews

"Help" – Unique cover of the Beatles classic by zk (Barry Keenan and Paul Zollo) - Music video

"A Sorry Man Cries" – Solo piano/vocal performance by Barry Keenan – Live home video

"Rockin' Christmas" - A Christmas party song by Invisible Poet Kings 

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