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Barry Keenan

Barry Keenan is the founding member, leader, songwriter, lead singer and porta potty trainer for the band.  Always the perfectionist when it comes to recording and performing his songs, Barry is relentless in getting the songs the way he wants them. The band members say that he is a slave driver and refer to him as Richard Potato, aka Dick Tator. Barry likes to think of himself as a godhead but really, he’s a rockhead.

Voyce McGinley

Voyce McGinley, III is the most famous drummer he knows. He has drummed for millions of electric fans from China to the United States, from the Taj Mahal to the Hollywood Bowl. While performing waltzes only three-quarters of the time, his drumming style cymbalizes a confidence matched only by his masterful control of randomness and musical mayhem in a cacophony of precision at incalculable speeds. The ancient Mayans called him " Voce' " (Voe-Chay). The ancient Aztecs called him " Sparky Doodle ".All this gives a visual indication that he is clearly lost…a must see and witnessed.

Ed Krzyzaniak

Ed is the talkative member of the group but only if you can register what he’s thinking. He does think loud though which helps in his communication from the stage. He was carved out of stone and thanks to modern technology and sophisticated physical therapy techniques, he slowly began to move his fingers until he was able to play a guitar. He has been playing guitar since he was 6, not continuously though, as he occasionally takes breaks to eat and sleep. Given his solid rock conditioning, he does not require as much of those things as the rest of us. A stone figure of a man, Ed is a true “Rock God”. His friends describe him as “made in the USA”, “antibacterial”, “fat free”, “low sodium”, “organic” and “free range”. Ed does not take credit for any of these attributes.  He says when you’re carved from stone, it’s easy to be all those things.

Ray Whittenfield was born in Gibraltar and spent his early years in the UK where he received degrees in Music & Literature, before moving to the US. He currently holds citizenship in 4 countries. As a Bassist & Multi Instrumentalist, he has brought his skills to a number of musical artists, films and theater projects, ranging from Punk to Opera. He enjoys spending whatever spare time he has indulging in his favorite hobbies, which include breeding Carolina Reaper Peppers, and his artistic fascination with broken stained glass.

Matt Forger

Acclaimed engineer/producer Matt Forger has been working on all of Invisible Poet King's present projects, including the "Under The Sun" Ep, and will be working with the band on all of their future projects.  You may read Matt's full bio at the following link : Matt Forger Bio. After working on many albums with Michael Jackson covering a 15 year span of time, Matt wanted a new challenge, one that would propel the feel of classic British rock with American roots, Soul, Pop, Blues, R&B, Skiffle & Classical music all blended together into a good, Irish stew. The closest he could come to a good Irish stew was meeting singer/songwriter Barry Keenan at an All You Can Eat Sushi Bar in East LA. They found a common bond in California rolls, especially in the bass notes. Tired of the traffic jams on the LA freeway, their musical bond was united only because they discovered they lived close to one another. They would not have to travel the LA freeways in order to record Barry's music.... and Barry makes a great Irish stew.

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